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2022-09-08: CERT Ethereum Testnet Cutover from Ropsten to Goerli

Zero Hash CERT Platform Change 

As previously communicated in our Ethereum Proof of Stake merge timeline, the Zero Hash CERT Environment will be migrating from the deprecated Ropsten testnet to the Goerli testnet today. This change is happening in CERT and there will be no changes or impacts to the Production environment.

Please note the following: 

  • The timing of the CERT maintenance window will be this afternoon from (1:30pm PT / 4:30pm ET to 2:30pm PT / 5:30pm ET). All deposits and withdrawals for ETH and ERC20 tokens will be suspended in CERT during the window.
  • No CERT transactions should be sent during this maintenance window. This window will not impact PROD and transactions can continue to be sent in this environment.

Once the Cutover is completed and the maintenance window is closed:

  • Immediately after the cutover to Goerli is complete, you will no longer see any of your prior Ropsten balances in your ERC20 or ETH wallets in CERT. Additionally, any ETH or ERC20 deposit addresses previously created on the Ropsten testnet in CERT will need to be recreated after the cutover. 
  • After the new Goerli deposit addresses have been recreated, platforms should send testnet funds or use a publicly available Goerli faucet to send new testnet tokens to the newly created addresses. Here are a few publicly available ETH Goerli Faucets (these are run by 3rd parties and not associated with Zero Hash):
  • Any allowlisted or hard-coded Ropsten addresses in CERT will need to be updated to the new Goerli addresses that you create.
  • The ETH2 mainnet merge is anticipated to occur on Sept 14th, 2022 and will not involve any Production address or API functionality changes for platforms or participants.
  • CERT asset symbols and API functionality will not change due to the testnet cutover however the associated contract for each impacted CERT asset will be different as seen in this note.


For more information, please see the following links or get in touch with your client services team.