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2022-08-31 USDC on Solana Testnet Functionality launched in CERT

Update: Beginning August 31st, our test coin support contract was updated to support this USDC test token on Solana.  Therefore please make sure you only send in the test coin deposits to ZH using this contract address. Failing to do so will result in your deposits not being credited to your CERT account.

USDC on the Solana network (symbol USDC.SOL) which was previously available for deposits and withdrawals in our Production environment is now enabled in our CERT environment as well. Both environments now additionally have liquidity support for buys and sells. For access to USDC.SOL testnet tokens, these can be obtained using a 3rd party faucet such as this USDC testnet faucet (not associated with Zero Hash). 

As a reminder, we introduced our “dot notation” symbol system in CERT for representing tokens that are supported on multiple blockchains that follows the format [Asset].[Blockchain].

The full list of supported assets and features, inclusive of this change, can be found here