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2022-08-02 Network Fee Amount Now Included Within /withdraws/requests Response

Zero Hash has added a new field to the /withdraws/requests endpoint designed to provide users the network fee paid for an on-chain withdrawal.
Withdrawals are considered any movement where the cryptocurrency asset leaves the Zero Hash ecosystem and transferred on network sending assets to a non-custodian wallet.
Example Response:
"fee_amount":"0.003163149641603118", <- New Field
Optional query parameters include:
  • participant_code (optional) will default to the participant the API key was created for
  • page (optional) for paginating through your list of addresses
  • status (optional) for selecting requests with specific status APPROVEDREJECTED etc.
  • gas_price (optional) for selecting requests with specific gas price
  • client_withdrawal_request_id (optional) for selecting requests with specific client withdrawal request id
  • on_chain_status (optional) for selecting on chain with specific status. You can use CONFIRMED or PENDING.
  • requested_timestamp filters withdrawal requests based on a given timestamp in milliseconds 1593798130060 or nanoseconds 1593798130060000000 using the following params for the following filter types:
    • [gt] greater than a given timestamp, e.g. requested_timestamp[gt]=1593798130060
    • [gte] greater than or equal to a given timestamp, e.g. requested_timestamp[gte]=1593798130060
    • [e] equal to a given timestamp, e.g. requested_timestamp[e]=1593798130060
    • [lt] less than a given timestamp, e.g. requested_timestamp[lt]=1593798130060
    • [lte] lower than or equal to a given timestamp, e.g. requested_timestamp[lte]=1593798130060
    • combinations are also possible, e.g. to find a withdrawal requests between 1593798130555 and 1593798130777 you can use the next combination requested_timestamp[gt]=1593798130555&requested_timestamp[lt]=1593798130777
Please visit our API documentation to begin using this feature today!