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2022-07-24 New Liquidity Fields Added to the Response

API Updates

  • We've added a few new fields to the GET /liquidity/rfq response. It's important to note that the network fee related fields are only relevant if you wish to use a specific flow that involves a subsequent on-chain withdrawal. This has no impact to the current state of the liquidity product. This is a new product that will be rolling out to production later this summer. We will update this page with a link to the 1-pager and release notes.
    • network_fee_quantity: Crypto (underlying) - denominated value of the quoted network fee
    • network_fee_notional: Fiat (quoted_currency) - denominated value of the quoted network fee
    • total_us_notional: Total notional amount charged to the end-customer
    • asset_cost_notional: Total (total field on the request) specified on the initial GET /liquidity/rfq request