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2022-07-01 New endpoint to retrieve estimated network fees for Withdrawals


Zero Hash has launched a new endpoint designed to provide an estimate for on-chain transactions. These transactions are deemed a 'withdrawal' by Zero Hash as the asset is leaving our ecosystem and transferred on network. By integrating with this endpoint, you will be able to offer expanded functionality to your end customers such as displaying an estimated fee for sending assets to a non-custodian wallet.
Example Response:
  "message": {
        "underlying": "BTC",
        "quoted_currency": "USD",
        "network_fee_asset": "BTC",
        "network_fee_quantity": "0.000172825",
        "total_notional": "3.3733791241663290125"
Retrieve the estimate network fee. The following query parameters are required:
  • underlying
  • quoted_currency
Optional query parameters include:
  • amount The amount of the underlying currency
  • destination_address The destination_address is the receiving address for the withdrawal request
  • contract_call In a future release, this field will denote if the destination address is a smart contract address. False is the only acceptable value for now.
Please visit our API documentation to begin using this feature today!