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2022-06-23 ETH Retail Deposit Address Scaling

2022-06-23 ETH Retail Deposit Address Scaling


Zero Hash launched additional efficiency improvements to the way Ethereum and ERC20 Retail Deposit addresses are created. Ethereum and ERC-20 Retail Deposit Addresses are now created faster and more efficiently from a network fee perspective. The time to create an address has been reduced from as high as 30-seconds during heavy network activity to typically under 1 second. The network fees spent to create addresses have also been lowered by pre-deploying addresses in batches.

  • If you are currently enrolled in Retail Deposits for Ethereum, then no further action is required. 
  • If you do not yet have Retail Deposits enabled, please see the below page for more information and contact a member of Zero Hash to enable. 


To learn more about how we deploy smart contracts for Retail Deposits, please see this article

The full list of supported assets, including Ethereum and ERC-20s, can be found here