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Digital Asset Address Transaction Screening

  • Zero Hash utilizes Elliptic for real-time screening of digital asset addresses, both for incoming deposits to and outgoing withdrawals from our system.
  • Rules have been setup to scan wallet addresses with sent or received funds to/from illicit services.
  • Wallets are risk scored based on past transaction activity. This allows for automated checks against sanctioned addresses, terrorist orgs, darknet markets, child abuse sites, and other known illicit activity (e.g. ransom rings, extortion hubs etc.).
  • In the event of an alert, a manual investigation is conducted where OSINT tools are used to search for adverse media or negative news about the participant and the illicit service or entity. After the investigation is complete, we may choose to file reports to the appropriate authorities and/or divest the participant relationship, depending on the severity of the activity conducted. The platform will be informed via email if determined to divest the relationship.
Withdrawals to sanctioned addresses will be flagged for manual review by our Compliance team. In those events, our API will return a 400 error with the following error message below: Address is restricted, unable to create withdrawal request.  address=${address}