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What is a Memo/Destination Tag/Message?


What is a Memo or Destination Tag?

A memo / destination tag / message is an additional feature used by tag-based assets to further identify the recipient beyond the wallet address.

For example, an exchange may require a memo / destination tag / message when you are sending it to them.

For deposits to Zero Hash, the memo / destination tag / message is required.

Tag based assets

Name Asset Type Required on deposits? Required on withdrawals?



Memo Yes Optional



Memo Yes Optional



Memo Yes Optional



Memo Yes Optional



Message Yes Optional



Destination Tag Yes Optional


For more details on these assets, you can check the Zero Hash supported assets page.

When do you need to provide a memo, destination tag, or message?

For some non-custodial wallet providers or externally-owned wallets, a memo / destination tag / message is optional when you withdraw assets. It is always recommended to check and verify this with your wallet provider first.

If a memo / destination tag / message is needed, please make sure you enter the correct information where needed, as incorrect information could lead to loss of funds. To be even safer, you can always test with a small amount to be sure that your transaction goes through.


How a memo / destination tag / message looks like

If you run GET /deposits/digitial_asset_addresses endpoint on any of memo/destination/message tagged based assets in the above list, you will see the below response:


The memo/destination tag id would be displayed after your address, and this is the id you need to use when submitting withdrawals, more details on withdrawals, see the below section for details.


How to provide a memo / destination tag/ message when withdrawing funds in Zero Hash

1. Withdrawal account creation via the client portal

When you create a new withdrawal address for the above asset using the client portal, you will be asked to enter either Memo ID or Destination Tag on the screen:




2. Create a Withdrawal request via API (POST /withdrawals/requests)

When using POST /withdrawals/requests endpoint with a defined withdrawal address, two related request parameters need to be used to provide the additional information for those assets:

Parameter Name


How to use it


It is a Boolean field to show whether or not the specific withdrawal and destination address requires a destination tag or memo ID.


If required, please set this field to be true; otherwise false




The destination tag or memo ID associated with the transaction


If no_destination_tag is false, then this field needs to be populated with the correct memo id or destination tag


If no_destination_tag is true, this field is not required


For more details regarding this endpoint, please check the withdrawal section of our API documentation here API document.