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2021-12-26 Transaction Timestamp on Liquidity API Response

API Update

POST /liquidity/execute

Several platforms recently requested we add the transaction timestamp to the JSON response for easy record keeping. Zero Hash is proud to announce the development team has added the time of execution to the /liquidity/execute endpoint. This information has always been available, but is now included within the trade confirmation directly after execution.


Use Cases

This information can be used to directly populate the customer trade confirmation and any subsequent trade reporting for customer records. This would include email correspondence, in-app trade notifications, trade information reported on statements, and order history.  


Example JSON Response

Below is an example of the new transaction_timestamp in action:

"request_id": "14f8ebb8-7530-4aa4-bef9-9d73d56313f3",
"quote": {
"request_id": "ce819fe8-b1d7-43bb-961c-e09ede0988d3",
"participant_code": "CUST01",
"underlying_currency": "BTC",
"quoted_currency": "USD",
"side": "BUY",
"quantity": "1",
"price": "50430.90",
"quote_id": "5cd07738b861c31e3bd61467BTC1Buy1568311644602",
"expire_ts": 1568311649602,
"transaction_timestamp": 1568311649600 <- Time of Execution
"trade_id": "ba97133e-ab15-4c86-86c1-86671b8420bc",
"status": "Completed"