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2021-10-19 Security Enhancements: API Key Approvals and Expirations

Portal and API Updates


API Key Approvals

  • When generating API keys on the portal, you now have the ability to set a required number of approvals amount. 
  • By default, each participants' has been set to zero. If you would like this changed, please get in touch with a Zero Hash representative so that they can make the configuration change.
  • Until an API Key is officially approved, no calls can be made by that newly created key.
  • You can view the API Key status via the "status" column:


  • You can also view the audit history via the "details" button, including who on your team has already created or approved a key:



API Key Expirations

  • When creating new keys (after clicking "Add API Key"), you can set an expiration date. After the expiry, the key will no longer be functional.




  • If you would not like the key to expire, simply leave the field blank.
  • This mechanism can help force your organization to implement frequent key change-outs.