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Depositing Funds in the Cert Environment


In Cert/UAT, in order to credit your participant's crypto balance, you will need to leverage a publicly-available Testnet faucet.

For fiat, there is a quick-add functionality:



What is the Testnet?

It is like the "UAT blockchain". There are ETH Tesnets, BTC Testnets, BCH Testnets, etc. It allows developers and users to test code and simulate production blockchain functionality, using fake crypto funds. For ETH, Zero Hash uses the Ropsten testnet. 

What is a Faucet?

It is a web-based service that provides free tokens to users. It's typically done via a "pull" mechanism. For example, you tell the faucet what your Testnet address is and how many coins you want.

Usually and depending on the chain, Testnets will only allow you to summon a small amount.

How do I get Tesnet Tokens to Zero Hash so that my Participant's Balance is Updated?

1. Go to the portal.

2. Navigate to Participants → Deposits → [asset of your choice] → Show Deposit Address.


Find the Deposits Page


Find your asset and click Show Deposit Address

3. Now that you have your address, it's time to find a faucet. Here are one's that we recommend, however any functional faucet will do the job:

4. Enter the address you generated during step 2 and the amount.

5. Initiate the transaction and click on the block explorer link so that you can the confirmation progress.

6. Once the transaction is confirmed, the balance of your participant will be updated for that asset.