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Are there minimum withdrawal amounts?


Zero Hash does not enforce a withdrawal minimum, however withdrawals for a requested amount that are less than the estimated network fee at the time of transferring will be rejected. 

When estimating transaction fees, Zero Hash specify a network fee amount which increases the likelihood that the transaction will be mined faster.


In addition, different blockchains will have their own minimum transfer amounts.


Recommended Minimum Withdraw Amounts

  • Bitcoin - 0.00001 BTC
  • Bitcoin Cash - 0.00001 BCH
  • Dogecoin - 0.01 DOGE
  • Ethereum - 0.005 ETH
  • Litecoin - 0.00001 LTC
  • Ripple - 0.0001 XRP
  • Cardano - 1 ADA
  • Polkadot - 1 DOT

*smaller withdrawal amounts are permitted, but have an increased chance of being rejected if the network fee amount is greater than the transaction amount.


Blockchain Specific Rules

Polkadot - DOT

On the Polkadot network, an address is only active when it holds a minimum amount, currently set at 1 DOT. Transfers for less than 1 DOT will be rejected by the blockchain if the destination address balance is less than 1 DOT.

This is so accounts with very small balances, or completely empty, do not "bloat" the state of the blockchain in order to maintain high performance and to reduce fees.

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