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2020-10-27: Major Upgrade to the POST /customers Endpoint

Change Overview & Release Planning

The following describes a major upgrade to the POST /participants/customers endpoint, which will be rolled out as an entirely new POST /participants/customers/new endpoint. The changes will require client development as the data and layout are a significant departure from today's standards.

In order to support different client development timelines, Zero Hash will support both the old and new endpoints concurrently for a period, but the POST /participants/customers endpoint will eventually be deprecated and retired, once all consumers have converted. We will be in touch about a final deprecation date.

You can refer to our API docs describing the new endpoint here.

API Updates

The new format makes some significant updates to the previous endpoint, with a specific focus on breaking down the information sent via the metadata object into specific fields. An example of the data format required for the new POST /participants/customers/new endpoint is as follows:

"address_one":"1 Main St.",
"address_two":"Suite 1000",
"country":"United States",

You can refer to the API docs here for the definitions of each field. Not all fields are required, and some fields are conditionally required.

The goal of the change is to improve our ability to operate and report on compliance-related requests. We appreciate your support through the upgrade. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.