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Testnet Support and Token Faucets

In the certification environment, test network (testnet) blockchains are integrated into Zero Hash to enable complete testing of trade flows from start to finish. 

Test tokens can be deposited into a Zero Hash deposit wallet address which can be created through our client portal or our POST/deposits/digital_asset_addresses API endpoint. Platforms need to source their own test net tokens in order to complete deposit/withdrawals as Zero Hash does not supply these.  

Below is a table specifying the test network used in the CERT environment in case there are multiple, such as with Ethereum and Solana. There is also a column listing faucet resources where applicable that have been previously used to deposit test tokens into the Zero Hash CERT environment (note that these faucets are managed by 3rd parties not affiliated with Zero Hash). Some assets are only supported by platform deposits and not retail deposits, see the supported assets page for more detail.

As of September 8, 2022, all ETH/ERC 20 tokens in CERT transact on the Goerli Test Network.

CERT Asset CERT Testnet Testnet Faucet(s)
ADA ADA Testnet 
ALGO ALGO Testnet 
AVAX Fuji 
BCH BCH Testnet 
BTC BTC Testnet 

DOGE Doge Testnet 
DOT Westend

ETH Goerli
LTC LTC Testnet
SOL DevNet 


XRP Ripple Testnet