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Overview: Zero Hash Liquidity Service

Zero Hash Liquidity Service (ZHLS)

ZHLS provides customizable liquidity to Zero Hash participants and platforms across dozens of digital assets.

Supported Assets

The assets that we support vary by environment:

Asset Environment
BTC Prod/Cert
ETH Prod/Cert
LTC Prod/Cert
USDC Prod/Cert
USDT Prod/Cert
BCH Prod
BAT Prod
OMG Prod
DAI Prod
EOS Prod
0x Prod
PAX Prod
XLM Prod
XRP Prod


The supported quote currencies are USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and USDT. These are available for all underlying assets seen above. It's possible that some asset configurations must be made on a per-participant basis, so please communicate with a Zero Hash representative if you are getting a rejection message. 

Introduction to ZHLS

Similar to how “Banking as a Service” enabled FinTechs to focus on building products, Zero Hash provides the infrastructure to clear and settle digital assets in a completely automated and regulated way. Zero Hash provides liquidity as a service, providing a “one stop shop” for settlement and liquidity services through API that enables best execution and customization.

This FAQ outlines how to incorporate ZHLS execution streamline to the Zero Hash settlement workflow.

Benefits of Using the ZHLS

Zero Hash’s liquidity provides clients the ability to source liquidity across assets through a couple of lines of code. This provides a building block to innovate and develop products within the digital asset eco-system.

In addition, since liquidity is sourced directly from Zero hash as opposed to an external party, settlement occurs instantaneously improving speed and cost since there are no network fees or on-chain confirms.


General Guidelines

  • All quotes expire after 5 seconds.
  • Certain configurations need to be made by the Zero Hash Client Services team. Please reach out to or via a shared Slack or Telegram channel to enquire about using the product.
  • All trades executed via the ZHLS will occur on the Zero Hash Liquidity Services (00SCXM) platform, or account group (these 2 terms are synonymous. Account group is used at a technical level and platform is used more generally as a business term).

High Level Flow



API Documentation



1. Get a quote

  • Send a GET /liquidity/rfq request.
  • Request examples with parameters (you must enter either a quantity or total figure):


"quantity": 5



"total": 65000


2. Receive response

  • Response example (applicable to both Quantity and Total example above):
“participant_code”: “CUST01",
“underlying”: “BTC”,
“quoted_currency”: “USD”,
“side”: “BUY”,
“quantity”: “5",
“price”: “65000",
“quote_id”: “5cd07738b861c31e3bd61467BTC1Buy1568311644602",
“expire_ts”: 1568311649602


3. Execute order

  • Send a POST /liquidity/executerequest using the quote_id from the response in step 2.
  • You will have 5 seconds before the quote expires.
  • Execution example:
“quote_id”: “5cd07738b861c31e3bd61467BTC1Buy1568311644602"


4. Receive confirmation

“request_id:” “14f8ebb8-7530-4aa4-bef9-9d73d56313f3",
“quote”: {
“participant_code”: “CUST01”,
“underlying_currency”: “BTC”,
“quoted_currency”: “USD”,
“side”: “BUY”,
“quantity”: “5”,
“price”: “65000”,
“quote_id”: “5cd07738b861c31e3bd61467BTC1Buy1568311644602”,
“expire_ts”: 1568311649602,
“trade_id”: “ba97133e-ab15-4c86-86c1-86671b8420bc”,
“status”: “Completed”


When your trade has completed, the asset that you purchased will be auto-allocated to your Zero Hash Liquidity Services (00SCXM) platform, or account group. If you wish to allocate assets purchased via the liquidity stream to other Zero Hash-connected platforms, you will need to manually do this via the allocations page on the portal.