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Controlling gas prices on withdrawals

Zero Hash enables users to set the gas price that they are willing to spend on an ETH/ERC-20 withdrawal. This is currently only available over API.

Primer on Gas

The Ethereum blockchain processes transactions using two fundamental components:

  1. Gas. Gas is the effort required to compute, or mine, the transaction. Think of this as gas required to run a car. For example, if your car does 25 miles per gallon (mpg), then you need 4 gallons of gas to drive 100 miles.
  2. Gas Price. This is how much you are willing to pay for each unit of gas, denominated in Gwei (1 Gwei = 0.000000001 ETH, refer here for ETH conversion rates). Think of this as the dollar-value needed to purchase 1 gallon of oil. For example, if you want to drive 100 miles with a 25 mpg car, and the gas price per gallon is $3, then it will cost you $12 ($3 per gallon x 4 gallons) to drive 100 miles.

Gas at Zero Hash

Zero Hash controls the amount of gas that is used to process each withdrawal, however users can control the gas price. To continue the car analogy, a driver has limited control over the amount of gas that is needed to drive 100 miles, but they can control how much they are willing to spend on gas to drive that distance. This is done via the gas_price field on a POST /withdrawals/requests request.

Additionally, gas fees will be deducted from your main deposit ETH address displayed on the portal. Payment processors will be responsible for monitoring and managing their own gas fees which includes deposits of additional ETH to facilitate platform withdrawals.

Field Characteristics

  • Optionally included by users via the POST /withdrawals/requests endpoint
  • Will be returned for all requests via the GET /withdrawals/requests endpoint
  • The gas_price field is a string / number format
  • Only relevant for ETH/ERC-20 tokens
  • More details can be found here

How it Works

Zero Hash references gas rates provided by the Etherscan gas tracker. Etherscan monitors the Ethereum blockchain and provides analytics on current market-driven gas prices, and provides suggested rates to achieve a confirmation within certain timeframes. These are split into 3 buckets. On October 20th, 2020, the rates provided by Etherscan were as follows:

  1. Low (SafeGasPrice). 119 gwei. Estimated confirmation time: ~ 13 mins:13 secs
  2. Average (ProposeGasPrice). 131 gwei. Estimated confirmation time: ~ 2 mins:13 secs
  3. High (FastGasPrice). 133 gwei. Estimated confirmation time: ~ 45 secs

As the field is optional, if not included, we will default gas_price to the Average (ProposeGasPrice) value provided by Etherscan.

If you do provide a value for gas_price on a POST, we will validate, in real-time, that the gas_price is larger than or equal to the Average (ProposeGasPrice) value and also less than or equal to the High (FastGasPrice) value.

  • If the submitted gas_price is just right, i.e. it meets the condition: FastGasPrice >= gas_price >= ProposeGasPrice then we will accept the withdrawal request with gas_price as submitted.
  • If the submitted gas_price is too small, i.e. gas_price < ProposeGasPrice then we will reject the withdrawal outright, with a response that states that the submitted gas_price is too low, and reference the currently safe minimum gas_price.
  • If the submitted gas_price is too large, i.e. gas_price > FastGasPrice, then we will override the submitted value and default to the FastGasPrice.