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2020-10-16 New Reporting Suite

Portal Updates

New Reporting Suite

The team at Zero Hash is excited to introduce our new reporting suite, found in the Reports section of the portal:




The new tool is simple, performant, and customizable:

Simple: Users can request .csv downloads with just a few clicks

Performant: The new tool was developed in-house, does not rely on any third-party apps, and queries our databases directly

Customizable: All data can be filtered via a date range picker prior to the download. Users can also further manipulate and visualize the data via Excel


Step 1: Select Report


Step 2: Choose Participant or Platform


  • Participant: All data downloaded will pertain to your participant
  • Platform: All data downloaded will pertain to your participant + any customers

Step 3: Choose a Start and End Date


  • These can be the same
  • Some reports will only have one date option

Step 3: Click 'Generate Report'



Step 4: Click Download and the report will appear in the bottom left of the browser






Report Description
Account Balances
  • View historical balances after movements have occurred
  • View all deposits into your Zero Hash account
Loan Interest
  • View all interest accruals in an as-of-date fashion
  • View all loans (open and expired)
Network Fees
  • View all network fees for non ERC-20 coins
  • View all withdrawals into your Zero Hash account



API Updates

Ability to specify a Gas Price for ERC-20 tokens (withdrawals)

We are adding a new field gas_price to the POST /withdrawals/requests (+ the response) and GET /withdrawals/requests. Here is an example POST body:


"withdrawal_account_id": 26,

"participant_code": "ABC123",

"asset": "ETH",

"account_group": "HCDL83",





Other details

  • gas_price is a string
  • gas_price is optional on the POST
  • logic
    • If submitted gas_price meets the condition: FastGasPrice >= gas_price >= SafeGasPrice then we will accept the withdrawal request with gas_price as submitted
    • If submitted gas_price < SafeGasPrice then we will reject the withdrawal saying “Submitted gas_price too low - safe minimum gas_price is currently xyz”
    • If gas_price is too large, i.e. gas_price > FastGasPrice, then default to the FastGasPrice
    • FastGasPrice: upper limit that will execute the transaction the quickest. Pulled dynamically from here
    • SafeGasPrice: lower limit that will execute the transaction the slowest. Also pulled from here
  • API Documentation found here

New required field "settling" in the POST /trades endpoint

Originally described in the 2020-10-09 release notes, we are now requiring trade submitters to tell Zero Hash which side(s) should be settled when submitting trades over the API and the UI. This was previously a Zero Hash administrative configuration only. Now, Platforms have the flexibility to specify themselves without the reliance on an operations team member.


API Example- 1 sided settlement

"client_trade_id": "32459087yghfd8",
"trade_reporter": "PUNHNB",
"platform_code":"PUNHNB" ,
"symbol": "BTC/USD",
"product_type": "spot",
"trade_type": "regular" ,
"trade_price": "10000",
"trade_quantity": "1" ,
"transaction_timestamp": 1602617592789,
"parties_anonymous": false ,
"physical_delivery": true,


In this example, only the BTC will move from participant LM8PMZ to PUNHNB


UI Example- 2 sided settlement




In this example, the BTC will move to LM8PMZ and the USD will be delivered to PUNHNB


API keys no longer expire

Any newly created API keys will not have an expiration date. Previously existing ones will still have an expiry, so we recommend creating new ones at your convenience.