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API Updates

New Endpoints: Positions

We are excited to announce the launch of our new suite of positions endpoints. Clients can now pull data related to open trades, in real-time. Open trades are trades where trade_state  = active or accepted.

There are 2 variations and they differ based on whether a you are querying your positions across all platforms, or whether, as a Platform Operator, you are querying for the positions of your customers:

Endpoint Intended Client
GET /positions Participant querying across multiple platforms
GET /positions/platform/:platform_code Platform Operator querying for all customer positions within their platform


Payload for Both

Field Description
platform_code The code of the platform for the position 
participant_code The code of the participant that holds the position
asset The asset code for the for the position, e.g. USD
position_all_open_trades The net position of all open trades in the asset, i.e. trades with a trade_state of accepted or active
position_accepted_trades_only The net position of all trades in the asset with a trade_state of accepted, i.e. trades where settlement has not yet been attempted
position_active_trades_only The net position of all trades in the asset with a trade_state of active, i.e. trades where settlement has been attempted but was unsuccessful


Visit API Documentation for full set of endpoints with examples.