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Loan Submission UI

The Loan Submission UI now dynamically calculates the Initial Loan Value (USD) and Initial Collateral Quantity field.


How it Works

Initial Loan Value (USD)

The UI will identify the loan asset that was entered, retrieve an index value derived by the Zero Hash Index, and calculate a value based on the Loan Quantity.

Equation: Initial Loan Value (USD) = Loan Quantity * (Index value of Loan Asset)


Initial Collateral Quantity

Similarly, the UI will identify the Collateral Asset, retrieve an index value for that asset, and calculate the Initial Collateral Quantity based on the Collateral Requirement Percentage as it relates to the Initial Loan Value (USD).

Equation: Initial Collateral Quantity = [((Collateral Requirement Percentage)/100)*(Initial Loan Value)/(Index value of Collateral Asset)]


Override and Refresh

  • The UI will calculate the values on the fly, and the user can then choose to override with a value of their own.
  • If you wish to return back to the dynamically calculated value, simply click the refresh icon in the value box.