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New Page- Platform Balances

Introducing Platform Balances- This page allows Platform Operators to view current balances of all their customers. It is located under the Platform header:



When you arrive on the page, it will initially be blank until you choose a customer from the drop-down on the left hand side:


 Once selected, the Customer balances that are currently allocated to your Platform will appear:Screen_Shot_2020-06-24_at_3.10.56_PM.png


  • Export function allows you to export the data that is currently displayed on the screen.

New Dashboard- Pilot Feature

Over the last few weeks, we've been scoping out a new 'one stop shop' Dashboard where users will be presented with critical, action-needing items in a centralized location. The pilot feature is Pending Activity.

The old Setup Checklist found within the Dashboard header will still appear for newly onboarded participants:


Once the steps are complete, the new Dashboard view will appear. For Example:


Pending Activity options:

Type Descriptions
Pending Accounts

Pending withdrawal accounts that have been submitted for approval will appear here.

Pending Withdrawal Requests

Pending withdrawal requests that have been submitted for approval will appear here.

Pending Platform Requests If your platform is locked, customer allocations or withdrawals out of your platform that have been requested will appear here.


If there are no pending items for you to act on, the page will assure you that there are no outstanding actions:



  • The user that submits a request for approval will not be able to view the pending items. These are user-specific.
  • When you click on a pending action, you will be directed to the page where you can approve or reject. 

Transaction ID Hyperlink Added to Withdrawals Page

For crypto withdrawals, the Transaction ID value is now a hyperlink that directs to an asset-specific transaction details page. Here you can view the on-chain status of the transaction.

Rest API

Added Filters to GET /accounts Endpoint

You can now filter your requests using the following parameters: 

Parameter Description
account_group link
account_ owner likely your participant's participant code
asset asset/currency
account_type link

Removed the usd_adjusted field from the GET /accounts Endpoint

  • This field has been deprecated

Zero Hash Price Index Now Available

  • the GET /Index endpoint allows you to retrieve our real time index. See the full specs here.