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What assets do you support?

Zero Hash supports the following assets: 

Asset Type



Custody Available


Digital Algorand ALGO Yes Prod/Cert
Digital Basic Attention Token BAT Yes Prod
Digital Bitcoin Cash BCH Yes Prod
Digital Bitcoin BTC Yes Prod/Cert
Digital Binance USD BUSD  Yes Prod
Digital Civic CVC Yes Prod
Digital Compound COMP Yes Prod/Cert
Digital Dai DAI Yes Prod
Digital ENJ Coin ENJ Yes Prod
Digital EOS EOS Yes Prod
Digital Ethereum ETH Yes Prod/Cert
Digital Chainlink LINK Yes Prod
Digital GMO USD ZUSD Yes Prod
Digital GMO Yen GYEN Yes Prod
Digital Kyber Network KNC Yes Prod
Digital Litecoin LTC Yes Prod/Cert
Digital Loom Network LOOM Yes Prod
Digital Maker MKR Yes Prod
Digital Orchid OXT   Prod
Digital OMG Network OMG Yes Prod
Digital Paxos PAX Yes Prod
Digital Polkadot DOT Yes Prod/Cert
Digital Pax Gold PAXG Yes Prod/Cert
Digital Storj STORJ Yes Prod
Digital TrueUSD TUSD Yes Prod
Digital USD Coin USDC Yes Prod/Cert
Digital Tether USDT Yes Prod/Cert
Digital Stellar XLM Yes Prod
Digital XRP XRP Yes Prod
Digital 0x ZRX Yes Prod
Fiat Australian Dollar AUD Yes Prod
Fiat British Pound GBP Yes Prod
Fiat Bulgarian lev BGN No Prod
Fiat Canadian Dollar CAD Yes Prod
Fiat Central African CFA XAF No Prod
Fiat Chinese Yuan Renminbi CNY Yes Prod
Fiat Czech Koruna CZK Yes Prod
Fiat Danish Krone DKK Yes Prod
Fiat Euro EUR Yes Prod
Fiat Hong Kong Dollar HKD Yes Prod
Fiat Hungarian Forint HUF Yes Prod
Fiat Israel shekel ILS No Prod
Fiat Japanese Yen JPY Yes Prod
Fiat Mexican Peso MXN Yes Prod
Fiat Moroccan dirham MAD No Prod
Fiat New Zealand Dollar NZD Yes Prod
Fiat Norwegian Krone NOK Yes Prod
Fiat Polish Zloty PLN Yes Prod
Fiat Romania leu RON No Prod
Fiat Saudi Arabia rial SAR No Prod
Fiat Singapore Dollar SGD Yes Prod
Fiat South African Rand ZAR Yes Prod
Fiat Swedish Krona SEK Yes Prod
Fiat Swiss Franc CHF Yes Prod
Fiat Thailand baht THB No Prod
Fiat Turkish Lira TRY Yes Prod
Fiat United Arab Emirates dirham AED No Prod
Fiat US Dollar USD Yes Prod
Fiat West African CFA XOF No Prod


For a separate list on which assets are supported by our Liquidity product, please see here.