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What assets do you support?

Seed CX supports the following assets in the following ways:

Asset Type Name Code Open for Settlement Custody Available
Digital Bitcoin BTC Yes Yes
Digital Ethereum ETH Yes Yes
Digital Bitcoin Cash BCH Yes Yes
Digital Litecoin LTC Yes Yes
Digital Paxos PAX Yes Yes
Digital TrueUSD TUSD Yes Yes
Digital USD Coin USDC Yes Yes
Digital Dai DAI Yes Yes
Digital Tether USDT Yes Yes
Digital Stellar XLM Yes Yes
Digital Ripple XRP Yes Yes
Digital EOS EOS Yes Yes
Fiat US Dollar USD Yes Yes
Fiat Euro EUR Yes Yes
Fiat Japanese Yen JPY Yes Yes
Fiat British Pound GBP Yes Yes
Fiat Canadian Dollar CAD  Yes  Yes
Fiat Chinese Yuan Renminbi  CNY  Yes  Yes
Fiat  Australian Dollar AUD  Yes   Yes 
Fiat  Czech Koruna  CZK  Yes  Yes
Fiat  Danish Krone DKK  Yes  Yes
Fiat  Hong Kong Dollar HKD  Yes  Yes
Fiat   Hungarian Forint  HUF  Yes  Yes
Fiat   Mexican Peso MXN   Yes  Yes
Fiat   New Zealand Dollar NZD Yes Yes
Fiat   Norwegian Krone NOK   Yes   Yes 
Fiat    Polish Zloty PLN  Yes   Yes 
Fiat    South African Rand  ZAR   Yes   Yes 
Fiat    Swedish Krona SEK    Yes    Yes 
Fiat    Swiss Franc CHF  Yes   Yes 
Fiat    Singapore Dollar SGD  Yes   Yes 
Fiat  Turkish Lira TRY   Yes  Yes