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Updated Navigation Bar

We have moved the navigation bar from the left side of the screen to the top and converted it from vertical to a horizontal bar. This gives users more real-estate to interact with their Zero Hash account.

In addition, we have updated and expanded the headers for better organization. We now have Dashboard, Transactions, Participant, Platform, Administration, and Reports headers. When hovering over each header, you are presented with the various sub-headers like so:



Here is breakdown of each header and how we think about them: 



Contains a checklist that guides new participants through initial setup


The home for all things transactions, including Trades and Loans


  • Trades- View trade details
  • New Trade- Submit OTC style trade for settlement
  • Loans- View loan details
  • New Loan- Submit loan for settlement

View all non-transaction information about your individual participant


  • Balances- View all current balances
  • Allocations- View and execute allocations across platforms
  • Deposits- View and execute deposits
  • Withdrawals- View and execute withdrawals+  add withdrawal accounts



Reserved for Platform Operators to manage their platform and their customers


  • Parties- View all customers and credit limits
  • Withdrawals- In the event that your platform is 'locked' and customers cannot allocate funds away from your platform without an approval, you can approve here

Perform setup and configuration-related functions


  • Users- Add and manage user roles
  • Desks- Add and manage trading desks
  • Settings- Configure general settings
  • Documents- View signed onboarding related documents
  • API Keys- Add and manage API Keys
Reports View the various reports that Zero Hash has to offer


New Withdrawals Page

Before, managing withdrawals and adding new accounts was done on a page that was hidden behind our Funds page (now called "Balances"). After considering client feedback, we've created a more easily accessible page named Withdrawals found under the Participant page:



Initial Page

You will be presented with a table that contains your withdrawal history across all assets. There is also a horizontal ribbon that allows you to get asset-specific. Here is an example:


Asset-Specific Pages

In order to see the history for specific assets, click on one of them on the horizontal ribbon. Here, you will be able to create accounts to be whitelisted, create individual withdrawal requests, or view withdrawal history. Here is a USD example:


Upcoming Features

Our development backlog and on-deck stories are dedicated towards improving the UI experience via our Portal. Be on the lookout for the following features in the coming weeks and months:

  • New Dashboard- Users will have an all-in-one page that shows pending approvals, open trade positions, delivery obligations, account balances, total trading volume stats, and potentially more.
  • Platform Positions Page- Platform Operators will be able to view all of their real-time positions and their customers' in one view
  • Positions Page- Customers of platforms will be able to view all their real-time positions across platforms