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User Roles Updates (Phase 2)

  • See phase 1 release notes here.
  • Deprecating the View All role and changing the Exchange Trader name (previously CLOB). All users can now view all pages.
  • At a high level, here are the changes and current state of the roles and responsibilities:
Role Notes


  • can do everything except trade on the exchange or submit a trade or loan to Zero Hash

Authorized Signer

  • can only sign, or approve, an application once it is submitted
  • all authorized signer must be admins. To change or remove, you need to contact

Trade Submitter

  • can submit a trade via the Trade Submissions GUI
  • can submit a loan via the Loan Submissions GUI

Exchange Trader

  • can access the Exchange- Trade GUI to trade on the exchange
View All
  • deprecated
  • by default, all users will be able to view all pages
  • deprecated
  • all functions that previously could be carried out by this user can now be performed by admins
  •  You can view a more detailed list here.


Configurable Approval Amounts

  • Clients now have the ability to configure the number of approvals for pending withdrawals and pending withdrawal crypto addresses/bank accounts for whitelisting.
  • The default number of approvals needed for pending withdrawals is 0. (meaning withdrawals will be auto-approved).
  • The default number of approvals needed for pending addresses/accounts is 1.
  • In order to change these settings, please contact or use one of our shared Telegram or Slack channels. It is a quick configuration that can be made by the Zero Hash operations team.