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General Release Notes

Simplified User Roles- Phase 1

Due to client feedback, we will be consolidating users roles and related permissions. We believe this will lead to less confusion and more clarity as to who can perform what. The first phase consists of deprecating the Funding role. All permissions related to this legacy role will be assumed under Admin. If a user was previously only a Funding user, they will be converted to an Admin.

In the last phase, we will reduce the number of roles down to 4:

  • Admin
  • Authorized Signer
  • Trade Submitter
  • Exchange Trading 

Seed Digital Commodities Market (SCXM) Release Notes

Execution Fees Automation

  • Execution fees will now be calculated automatically by Zero Hash on a trading-session basis.
  • The fee charge will be lumped into your Net Delivery Obligation (NDO), along with other obligations as a result of your positions. 
  • Fee schedule will remain the same.
  • Designated Market Maker (DMM) rebates will still be credited on a monthly basis.


Example- Firm A purchases 1 BTC

  • Date: 5-4-2020
  • Settlement has just run (~4:00 PM CT)
  • Firm A only purchased 1 BTC ($8,000) all session. Before fees, they owe $8,000.
  • For this trade, Firm A was a Taker. Yielding total fees of $4.
  • Firm A owes $8,004 by 4:00 PM CT on 5-5-2020 (T+1)
  • This is how it would look from the Portal: