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Manage Counterparties

There are various actions a platform can perform on behalf of the counterparty:

Submit a Trade

Platforms can submit trades between themselves and their counterparties. This is a key component to operating a platform. 


  • After following the steps in Adding Counterparties on Zero Hash, the counterparty will be available to trade against.
  • Either:
    • Navigate to the Trades page, and then to Submit Trade to submit a new trade.
    • Navigate to the Loans page, and then to Submit Loan to submit a new loan.
  • You will see in the buyer/seller or borrower/lender drop downs all available counterparties:


The platform may submit a trade via our REST endpoint POST /trades (documentation) or over FIX STP (documentation). Refer to How do I submit a trade for settlement by Zero Hash? for more information.

Provide Counterparty a Deposit Address


All Zero Hash participants are given a unique wallet address per asset that they can deposit into and withdrawal from. You can obtain the deposit address for a counterparty by switching to their view. While logged into the counterparty's participant, you can retrieve crypto wallet addresses by navigating to the Deposit section of the portal:

Note: this is an example wallet address.

You can provide this address to the counterparty. Any assets sent to this address will be delivered directly into their account. 

Managing Withdrawals

Add Withdrawal Accounts

Platforms can submit withdrawal addresses/bank accounts for their counterparties. See the following guides for how to accomplish this:

  • While logged into the Counterparty's account, go to Funds
  • Click the withdrawal hyperlink for the appropriate asset:
  • Then click Manage Withdrawal Addresses
  • Enter the wallet information for crypto destinations and bank account information for fiat:
    Note: test wallet address used

Submit a Withdrawal


  • Via the GUI, click the withdrawal hyperlink for the appropriate asset
  • Enter withdrawal information:


  • Once addresses and bank accounts have been added on the portal, platforms can execute a withdrawal on behalf of their counterparties via the POST /withdrawals/requests endpoint (documentation).
  • Enter the Counterparty withdrawal_account_id.
    • This can be retrieved only via API (GET /withdrawals/digital_asset_addresses and GET /withdrawals/fiat_accounts).
  • Send request.

Note: you must have the submits_platform_withdrawals_for relationship to submit withdrawals over API for a counterparty. Reach out to to have this enabled. Refer to Participant Relationships and Access Rights for more information.

Also Note: There may be additional agreements between Platform Operators and Participants in order to complete any or all of the above actions.  Please contact for more details.