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Create a Platform

What is a Platform?

Any entity that matches transactions between counterparties and wishes to use Zero Hash technology to settle those transactions.

What is settlement?

The regulated movement of assets from one counterparty to another.

How do I become a Platform?

Talk to your Zero Hash contact or email We are happy to walk through a demo of the system and work toward a seamless technical integration.

Why become a Platform?

Entry in the USA

  • Settlement is regulated at the state-level in the USA.
  • Zero Hash maintains 35 Money Transmitter Licenses (~95% of US population).

Allocate capital across multiple trading platforms

  • With just a few quick clicks, platforms and their counterparties can allocate funds from one trading platform to another to settle trades or meet obligations for loans.

Automatic calculations services

Automatic settlement services

  • Support for spot, forwards, loans and payments
  • Customize your settlement schedule
  • Reduce overhead of post-trade buildout
  • Reduce the cost of capital
  • Access to widespread banking infrastructure

Use cases

  • OTC trades
  • FX transactions
  • Payment Processors Transactions
  • Loans

Platform Operator Agreement 

  • Before going live, Zero Hash will work with platforms to arrive at an agreement of terms. For more details please reach out to your Zero Hash contact or email