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How do I allocate funds?

Allocating & Account Groups

Account groups are the combination of accounts designated for a specific purpose, for example trading with a specific platform. Within Zero Hash, participants can autonomously and easily allocate funds to specific account groups in real-time. Funds allocated to a specific platform would then become available for settling trades executed with that platform. Participants can also move funds to a special UNALLOCATED account group, to control what is made available to specific counterparties. 

A participant can allocate funds across various account groups by navigating to Allocations page, available on the portal's sidebar. From there, you can move funds instantly.

Allocation Example

  • A trade has been entered:
    • Party 1: Trading Company (UF85NS)
      • Sells 1 BTC for USD
      • Therefore, owes 1 BTC to settle the trade
    • Party 2: OTC Trading Platform (PF2206)
      • Buys 1 BTC for USD
      • Therefore, owes $10,000 to settle the trade
  • Zero Hash attempts to settle, but Trading Company does not have 1 BTC allocated to OTC Trading Platform, and as a result has a Net Delivery Obligation (NDO) of 1 BTC. To meet it, it needs to be allocated accordingly:
  • As a result of the NDO, the state of the trade is obligations_outstanding:
  • Trading Company allocates 1 BTC to OTC Trading Platform so that the trade can settle:
  • Now that the NDO is met, Trading Company has a sufficient available balance associated with the OTC Trading Platform for the trade to settle:
  • Zero Hash processes the trade again and we find it fully settles, assuming that OTC Trading Platform has also properly met its obligations. The trade state has been updated: