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Zero Hash Release Notes

API Updates: /trades Filtering

To support better filtering on our /trades endpoint, we have added additional filters:

  • omit_market_identifier_code filters out trades from one specific market
  • platform_code filters trades to ones on a specific Platform on which the trade was executed
  • omit_platform_code filters out trades from one specific Platform

You can see the complete details of our /trades API here.

API Updates: /withdrawals for Platforms

We have added the ability for platforms to perform the following requests on their customers. Platforms with the submits_platform_withdrawals_for relationship can now:

  • GET /withdrawals/requests
  • GET /withdrawals/digital_asset_addresses
  • GET /withdrawals/fiat_accounts
  • GET /deposits/fiat_accounts
  • POST /deposits/digital_asset_addresses

You can see the complete details of our /withdrawals API here, and our /deposits API here.

Note: this is a specific relationship that we enable between you and a customer. It is not enabled by default. Read more: Participant Relationships and Access Rights