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Zero Hash Release Notes

Trade Submission GUI Updates

We have slightly re-organized the layout of the trade submission GUI. First, we have renamed "Trade Blotter" as "Trades," and second, you will now find the option to submit trades within the newly named "Trades" tab as opposed to it being its own sidebar menu item. These updates are part of the release of loans support.



Seed Digital Commodities Market (SCXM) Release Notes

The following features were first released into Certification on January 17th, 2020. See release notes here.

New Instruments

We are adding 8 Euro-denominated instruments for the open at 6pm CST on Jan 31, 2019. Product specifications are as follows:

Product Pair Minimum Order  Quantity Tick Size Max Clip Size Margin Floor Percentage
BTC/EUR 0.01 €0.10 750 30%
ETH/EUR 0.01 €0.01 9000 40%
BCH/EUR 0.01 €0.01 2000 80%
LTC/EUR 0.01 €0.01 6000 60%
USDC/EUR 1 €0.0001 No Limit 10%
TUSD/EUR 1 €0.0001 No Limit 10%
PAX/EUR 1 €0.0001 No Limit 10%
EUR/USD 1 $0.0001 No Limit  2% 


Instrument Updates

  • We are reducing our minimum order quantities and tick sizes for a number of instruments based on customer requests.
  • We are removing the limits for our stablecoin pairs to allow for enhanced and easier trading. 
  • Please see below for instrument parameter changes highlighted in red:
Product Pair Minimum Order  Quantity Tick Size Max Clip Size Margin Floor Percentage
BTC/USD 0.01 $0.10 750 30%
ETH/USD 0.01 $0.01 9000 40%
BCH/USD 0.01 $0.01 2000 80%
LTC/USD 0.01 $0.01 6000 60%
USDC/USD 1 $0.0001 No Limit 10%
TUSD/USD 1 $0.0001 No Limit 10%
PAX/USD 1 $0.0001 No Limit 10%


Weekend Trading Hours

SCXM is now available for trading 7 days per week. Details are as follows:

  • Exchange trading will be available during all hours over the weekend.
  • The market will close at 4:00 pm Central on Friday (10:00 pm UTC, Friday), and then re-open on Friday at 6:00 pm Central. Trading will remain open on a continuous trading session until 4:00 pm Central on Monday (10:00 pm UTC, Monday).
  • Includes all instruments, as noted here.
  • Note: This may require a code change. The FIX session reset will occur weekly at 4:02 pm on Monday. Please adjust your session configurations accordingly.
  • See below for a visual representation of the timeline: