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Zero Hash Trade Submission GUI

Participants can now submit trades to Zero Hash through our brand new user interface. Located in the existing client portal (under the "Trade Submission" tab), the new page is incredibly easy to navigate and minimalist:



Initially, the page will be released in a beta version where submitted trades are limited to BTC/USD.

Similar to trades that have been submitted over API, transactions submitted through the GUI will continue to be in an "Accepted" state until both sides of the trade are properly funded. Once funded, the state transitions to "Terminated" and the trade has been settled. These details will remain on the Trade Blotter. 

GUI Key Features

  • Accessible by platform operators only
  • New user role- a "Trade Submitter" can submit trades
  • Auto-calculates and displays each counterparty's receivable amount for extra clarity
  • Trade Summary confirmation pop-up with all trade details prior to final submission
  • Precise validation messages