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Zero Hash API

Zero Hash is rolling out changes to rename existing API endpoints to assist with clarity. We are also introducing new endpoints that will allow clients to retrieve fiat-related banking information. These will all center around deposit and withdrawal processes.


Old Name New Name Description
GET /deposits/addresses GET /deposits/digital_asset_addresses Returns an array of addresses associated with a participant's digital asset wallet
GET /withdrawals/addresses GET /withdrawals/digital_asset_addresses Returns an array of all withdrawal addresses created by users as part of your participant
POST /deposits/addresses POST /deposits/digital_asset_addresses Creates a new digital wallet deposit address for the asset provided

Note: Old endpoint names will be officially deprecated on 12/1/2019 


New Endpoints

Name Description
GET /deposits/fiat_accounts Retrieves a list of all fiat deposit accounts available to you per fiat currency
GET /withdrawals/fiat_accounts Retrieves a list of all your fiat withdrawal accounts


All official API documentation can be found on the Zero Hash website.