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Note: Much of the enhancements in this update were deployed into our Certification environment on 2019-08-06.

Zero Hash Settlement Service

New Integration: FIX Straight Through Processing (STP) Gateway

  • We have exposed a new way to integrate with our Zero Hash Settlement Service. Participants using FIX Protocol can now connect to our FIX STP Gateway for on-chain settlement via Zero Hash.  The technical connection details can be found on our website here.

Updated API Endpoints

  • To better conform to the industry standard FIX TradeCaptureReport schema, we have made adjustments to field requirements in the POST /trades and GET /trades API endpoints. These updates are reflected in the Web API section of our website.

Web API Enhancements

Full visibility to filled orders via Web API

  • An update to our GET /trades API endpoint allows participants to query executed trades originating from any order entry path including FIX, WebAPI, or our GUI.
  • Note: The GET /trades API endpoint can also be queried for trade status, and provides the same response-set as the GET /fills endpoint.  However, the response time may be delayed compared to the  GET /fills endpoint.

SeedPortal Updates

New Trade Blotter, drill-down to Trade Receipt view

  • To provide better visibility for past trades, we have deprecated the Transaction History page and enhanced the Trade Blotter functionality.  Trades executed on Seed Digital Commodities Market will now appear on the Trade Blotter, and can be viewed in great detail with the new Trade Receipt interface.
  • The withdrawal process for digital assets will now take into account network transaction fees.  Network transaction fees are small fees paid to miners who help facilitate blockchain confirmations.  The inclusion of network fees is noted on the withdrawals page in SeedPortal.