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New Endpoint: Withdrawals

  • We have exposed a new Web API endpoint to streamline the withdrawals process. With this endpoint, a trading desk can programmatically submit withdrawal requests and obtain withdrawal information such as previous requests, request status, withdrawal addresses, etc.  Technical specifications can be found on our website here.

 SeedPortal Interface Enhancements

Cleaner deposits page, additional supported banks, & general touch-ups

  • SeedPortal's user interface has been updated to simplify the deposits process. With this update, we have made a dedicated Deposits page.  The Deposits page continues to support all digital assets and fiat currencies, which are positioned across the top header.  Upon selection, relevant banking information is displayed to facilitate the transaction. 
  • Additionally, we are pleased to have two new banking partners: Signature and Prime Trust.
  • With the release of the withdrawal endpoint (noted above), API keys now have fine grained permissions.  Existing API keys are unaffected, however new keys will require permission configuration upon creation.  Each API key's permission-set is visually displayed on the API Keys page for reference.
  • For further inquiries related to the deposits process or SeedPortal updates, please contact our Support team for assistance.