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Supported Instruments


  • In order to provide the best digital asset trading experience possible, we are pleased to announce an update to the tick size for the BTC/USD contract. The new tick size is $1. This contract can be tested in our certification environment presently. 


New Features

With regard to our web API, the following changes are now in place, with more information available on the web API documentation page:

  • A new totalQuantity field has been added to execution reports. It is equivalent to and a replacement for the originalQuantity field. For now execution reports will contain both fields - but we will be deprecating the originalQuantity field in 1 month.
  • A new liquidityIndicator field has been added to execution reports indicating whether an order was executed as a maker (added) or a taker (removed).
  • A new timeInForce field has been added to execution reports indicating the time in force of an order. Current possible values are dayIOC or FOK.
  • Execution Reports with type orderCancelReject will now have an originalClientOrderID of [N/A] when trying to cancel an already cancelled order.
  • Order Cancels made against an invalid or unknown order id will now result in a businessMessageReject.


New Feature

  • To support our Zero Hash Settlement Service offering, a navigation link enabling participants to make account transfers is now visible in SeedPortal. This link is entitled 'Transfers'. It is used to re-allocate funds from the standard Seed trading account into one or more accounts that specifically support Zero Hash Settlement trades.
  • Note: This link is currently visible to all participants; it may be hidden in the future to ensure a smooth user experience for participants who do not employ our Zero Hash Settlement Service offering.