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Tradable Instruments

New Features

  • We are pleased to announce that Litecoin (LTC) will be now available. The first tradable instrument will be LTC/USD. The details of the LTC product are available on our Product Specification page here.




The following changes are being introduced into the Seed CX production environment on March 14, 2019. They were released into the certification environment on March 8th, 2019.


New Features

  • The /accounts endpoint has been enhanced to include additional functionality. This includes the ability to query movements and run history for a given account.
    • GET /accounts/:account_id/run_history returns the history of grouped settlements, deposits, withdrawals and other changes that have been applied to an account to lead up to its current balance.
    • GET /accounts/:account_id/movements returns the history of each itemized movement that has been applied to an account to lead up to its current balance.
  • For full documentation regarding how to integrate with these endpoints, please refer to our API specification here.

Resolved Items

  • Requests that result in an execution report with a "rejected" status will now trigger a response with a 400 http status code.
  • The /accounts/:account_id endpoint has had its response formatting updated with a message property to conform to the shape of all other endpoints. Example below:

Old format:



{ ...accountInformation }
] }

Binary Market Data

Resolved Items

  • We will now explicitly clear the book and broadcast a clear_book message right before session_end.

FIX Market Data

Resolved Items

  • We will now send an empty MarketDataSnapshotFullRefresh (35=W) right after SecurityStatus (35=f) changes to Close 326=4. This signifies instrument's book has been cleared.