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Seed Digital Commodities Market Fee Schedule

Each participant engaging in market activity on the platform will be charged the following fees by SCXM:

Execution Fees 

Each side of each transaction will be charged an execution fee, expressed in basis points of total notional, as expressed in the table below.  

 Participant Type Maker Fee (bp) Taker Fee (bp)
All Participants -1 5
DMM Program -4 5


Monthly volume is calculated based on cumulative daily volume across all order books starting from the first of each month.

For information on joining our market maker program, please contact us.


Cross Connection Fee

Each Participant which intends to use the platform services provided by SCXM will be charged the cross-connect fees to SCXM's platform. SCXM will pass along to participant the cross connect fees charged by the data center to SCXM.


All fees charged by SCXM are exclusive of any applicable taxes or duties, including sales tax, value added tax or any equivalent taxes on goods or services.

SCXM may from time to time for commercial reasons offer discounts to, rebates of, or credits for Service Fees.

SCXM may, in its sole discretion, amend the fees contained in this fee schedule upon thirty (30) days' notice to Participant. SCXM may update such fees by publishing a new fee schedule that does not require re-execution of the Seed Digital Commodities Market LLC Services Agreement.