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Other Trade Controls

In addition to our pre-trade and post-trade controls, Seed can utilize several checks to reduce the risk that participants enter into positions that are overly risky, according to their parameters and limits.

  • Global and instrument-level limits on Desks.
  • Real-time P&L tracking and pre-trade credit checks.
  • Circuit Breakers pause trading activity temporarily after certain volatility thresholds are met. These reduce the potential for large price swings.
  • Price Bands will set a tolerance on the price on orders and trades accepted for that day.
  • Min/Max Order Quantities provide contract number bands within which orders must be placed.
  • Order Expiry ensures all resting orders expire by end-of-day.
  • Instrument Restrictions can be imposed at a Participant-level, if they choose to completely turn off access to a market for their traders.