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What reports and statements are provided?

Seed CX provides an institutional level reporting suite to participants in order to provide detailed post-trade information for participants to mitigate risk and reconcile their trading activity each day. Below is a summary of Seed CX's reporting suite and features: 

Large Suite of Reports Full Access To Reporting Data Flexible and Customizable
  • Trade Activity Report
  • Order Activity Report
  • Settlement Report
  • Trading Fee Report
  • Position Summary Report
  • Account Balances Report
  • Instrument Initial Margin Report
  • Accessible via Seed's Portal
  • Downloadable in CSV and PDF formats
  • Overall view across all trading desks
  • Real-time updates to reports as new data becomes available
  • Access to reports from historical dates
  • Ability to apply filters to data ranges
  • Customization of reports by participant request
  • Sponsored access to reports for Fund Admins and other external user