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Creating API Keys


Zero Hash platforms can create API keys themselves self-service via the portal. API keys are distinct across the Cert and Production environment. If you have a Cert participant, you will need to create Cert API keys. This key will be linked to the Cert participant code. Same thing with Production. Below are the environment URL's for reference:

How to Create API Keys

Once successfully logged in, navigate to Administration → API Keys. Then find the "Add API Key" button. Assign the key a Nickname, Passphrase, and optionally whitelist IP addresses the key can call the API from. Please remember to securely record the public key, private key, and passphrase down as the private key and passphrase will only be presented to you once and will not be saved anywhere:




Once the key has been submitted, it will now appear in the list below with a status of "CREATED" indicating that the key was created successfully, but cannot successfully call the API until it has been approved as outlined below:





Approving New API Keys

As of June 1, 2022 all new API keys will require a minimum of two additional approvals in the portal before a user can being calling the API with the new key.  Approvals are granted in a similar manner to generating the key itself. Begin by having the approving user navigate to Administration → API Keys. The new key will appear below with the option to review the details of the new key and grant the required approval:



Note: While two additional approvals for new keys are required by default, a platform may elect to require more than two approvals; in this case API calls with a new key will not be successful until the designated number of approvals have been granted