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2022-11-16: Enhanced jurisdiction logic

Informational release notes

No action or changes necessary from platforms.


Zero Hash has improved the logic and error handling around restricted geo-based jurisdictions. 


The enhanced logic exists across API endpoints so tailored rules can be established based on a platform’s setup. Addresses submitted at participant creation (POST /participants/customers/new) are referenced when checking a platform’s restricted vs. enabled jurisdictional rules. Geo-based jurisdiction rules can sweep an entire country, or remain specific to a single state or region. 


Jurisdiction logic upholds regulatory standards that Zero Hash and our partners must adhere to. This includes ensuring that only New York approved assets are traded by New York residents for platforms enabled in New York. 


As always, platforms should continue to monitor restricted activity as well. If a platform submits a request for a restricted jurisdiction, an error code will be returned noting that the platform or participant are not able to request transactions for that jurisdiction or trade in a specific asset. 

Refer here for a full list of error codes.


Endpoints impacted

POST /awards/fund 

POST /awards/distribute

GET /convert_withdraw/rfq

POST /convert_withdraw/execute

POST /deposits/digital_asset_addresses

GET /liquidity/rfq

POST /liquidity/execute

POST /participants/customers/new

POST /participants/customers/minor

POST /participants/documents

POST /payments/external_accounts

POST /rewards

POST /trades

POST /trades/batch

POST /transfers

POST /withdrawals/requests

DELETE /withdrawals/requests/:id


Coming soon

Note: A participant update endpoint shall be released soon, which will enable platforms to update participant data (with supporting evidence) including the address of a customer.